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Join The 100,000+ Women of Power and Success Today. Sometimes women can’t even see or feel how Great Life can be when dealing with everyday life. Many women may have “Life Issues”,As a Personal Development Specialist, I serve to assist you in overcoming those challenges. To become “Whole” again starts by reinventing your Life in a few simple steps. It’s A-GAIN for you! “Things that may look impossible can be fixed!” I am a Witness!

“God has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggle and a reward for your faithfulness. Don’t Give Up!”… ~ Dave Willis

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” ~Napoleon Hill

It’s Your Time & Season to be GREAT

If you are looking for personal development, increase, blessings, more success in life, goal setting, getting results quicker or breakthroughs…  Don’t miss the moment to invest in yourself… 


Focus 15

(Coaching Sessions)

Life Purpose Planning (LLP)

With my help you will receive the tools to Help you Dream BIG, Get Clear Vision, Get Perspective and Get Support!

“Preparation is never lost time.” ….Dr. Stacia Pierce

 “Pretty is as Pretty Does”  ….Forrest Gump

What is your purpose for life or maybe you should say: What is God going to do through me?

 It’s time to take action and make your life count! Get up and do something… 

Come learn together how we can be more passionate about the life  God has given us. God does have an expected end for you. So, don’t let your life situations limit your expectations from God.  

Be prepared to be filled with knowledge and to leave well equipped.


Testimonials From Women of Power and Success

“WOPAS has inspired, motivated, and changed my life in ways unimaginable. The coaching I received from EChe’ helped me to overcome issues I struggled with for many years. It taught me how to set realistic goals and achieve them in a timely manner. Not only has it helped me, but my daughter as well; teaching her that it’s never too early to set lifelong goals and to work towards them. Thank you so much EChe’ for pouring into me. I highly recommend women of all ages to invest in WOPAS.”


Christina Jenkins

Orlando, FL

“As a WOPAS client I received some very valuable information that has helped me to pursue my dream even the more.  I have began to map out my plan of actions and I find myself on TARGET Thank you Mrs. Thompson for being a great ACCESS of information to me. “


Lisa Clarke

Orlando, FL

“WOPAS with Lady EChe’ helped me set realistic goals,  I always thought I could not finish anything, but since being a participant of WOPAS Coaching/personal development program, I have completed my Associate Degree in Human Services.  I also have written my first book “40 Days of Encouragement from the Heart.” Now, my second book was released in 2014.”

Kateria Jenkins, Author “I’m Unique & a Limited Edition”

Orlando, FL

“I am so glad that I decide to invest in WOPAS.  I would like to thank you Lady Chenice for being such a marvelous life coach.  I have grown from 2008 and I’m still blossoming.  It all started when I was looking through this book and I notice that there were no African America women in the picture and I ask Lady Chenice why that is and she said to me because you’re not trying to get in there.  That is when it hit me I need to get in there, so I started taking some of the WOPAS Seminars.  Just by taking the coaching I found what I desired to do.  I now have my own business in the Wedding and Event industry, Vanity’s Lavish Events & Design.  I am inspired to help my clients achieve a successful Wedding or Event.  lady Chenice always said act now and I did!  That goal of being in the magazine I am proud to say I did!”


Vanity Jeffrey

Orlando, FL

“Lady EChe’,  Thank you.  I needed this in my life at this point.  Especially that speech Confident.  I needed something to impact my life when I go to Orlando and found my new Church.  I have many to thank, but for my new beginning my condense were built up more powerful than ever because of what you said and God intervene at that particular day.  You will never understand what that speech did to me.  Thank You! “

Cynthia Bryant

Orlando, FL

“I give many thanks and much love to my mom, E.Chenice Thompson for inspiring, educating, motivating and coaching me all of my life! She is my Role Model!!! I started my business as a Professional Nail Tech while in the 11th grade. I’m now about to complete college as well as I enjoy traveling across the country and to the Caribbean.”

Jarcelyn C. Wheeler

Orlando, FL

“Every Chance Hold to Excellence!”

… E. Chenice Thompson

“If You Can Think It, Feel It, or DREAM It… Then, You can MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

E. Chenice Thompson

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